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Your car is your sacred space. Enjoy the clarity that a clean car brings to your daily drive. Experience a streamlined clean at Rosemont Car Wash in Frederick, Maryland.

Rosemont Car Wash in Frederick MD.

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Address: 1814 Rosemont Ave, Frederick, MD 21702
Hours: Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm
Phone: (301) 663-0805

About Rosemont Car Wash

Located in the heart of Frederick, Maryland, Rosemont Car Wash offers an auto wash that matches the pace of your busy life. Family-operated Rosemont car Wash offers a full-service wash, completely refreshing your vehicle in about twelve minutes. Set your mind at ease and take a refreshing deep breath as you reset your day with a clean car. You and your car deserve it. Experience Rosemont Car Wash Today!

A Message from our Family

Operating Rosemont Car Wash in Frederick, Maryland, is a joy for us. As certified auto detailers, we are thankful for the opportunity to bring this knowledge and expertise to Rosemont Car Wash and the community of Frederick, Maryland. We are excited to meet you!

Some of Our

Car Wash Services

From a quick exterior wash to auto detailing, Rosemont car wash offers affordable quality car washes in Frederick, MD. Experience our customer’s favorite full-service car wash with our interior + exterior car wash packages.

car wash near me - Frederick md

Exterior Wash

An efficient exterior wash for your car, quick, easy and hand dried

car wash near me - Frederick md

Exterior + Interior Wash

Our specialty! A streamlined service, refreshing your entire car in under 15 minutes

car wash near me - Frederick md

Auto Detailing

Stains on your seats? Let us take care of cleaning, restoring, and protecting your vehicle.

life in a clean car!

Frederick Car wash reviews

Based on 237 reviews
Kristyna Martin
Kristyna Martin
August 28, 2023
Great service. Car was perfectly cleaned - 10/10 recommend. I found my new car wash spot!
john danilson
john danilson
August 25, 2023
These guys are great at deailing. They did my wife's Volvo on Wednesday and it's like she has a new car. Super duper good work, very friendlly, and the cost is reasonable. We will definitlly take our other car to be done. I like that whatever cleaning products they used, the scent was very low and completely disapated by the next day.
Wayne Edelen
Wayne Edelen
August 1, 2023
Great job, good price, great staff. Friendly and they hustle. I'll definitely be back.
Joseph W Murray
Joseph W Murray
July 23, 2023
Good service overall. Still great service. One of the best full service car wash in the area.
Lisa Belliveau
Lisa Belliveau
July 6, 2023
I wanted to get my car detailed after years of neglect during the pandemic. My friend recommended this place, and even though I had to drive 25 minutes, it was well worth it. The workers are very friendly and extremely hard working. Highly recommend.

get " The Works"

When you choose THE WORKS, we clean it all. Your exterior will be cleaned and protected from the undercarriage to the roof. The interior will be vacuumed and wiped down, leaving you with a revitalizing drive. Care in the details, like shining your tires by hand, has set Rosemont Car Wash apart. Treat yourself and your car, and Clean THE WORKS.

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car wash package

get "the works" for a complete car wash in Frederick Md.

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Your car is more than just a mode of transportation; it is a mobile expression of your identity, a canvas that showcases your personality and style to the world, a first impression before you meet. Whether you find joy in the sleek curves of a sports car, the commanding presence of an SUV, or the nimble agility of a compact city cruiser, the way you maintain your vehicle, for some, reflects your commitment to excellence. 

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